The RN Publishing has been established in January 2003 by Riccardo Niccoli to publish the yearbook Coccarde Tricolori, an illustrated magazine dedicated to the activity and aircraft of all the Italian air arms, and the Italian aerospace industry. In 2010 appears the yearbook Forze di Terra, dealing with the ground units of the Italian armed forces, and the Italian Defence industry.

about Riccardo Niccoli

Born in Florence, in 1961, he has been working since 1982 as free-lance journalist, writer, historian and photographer in the aviation and defence sectors. He has been correspondent and special correspondent for  Italian, British, United States, French, German, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and Danish monthly aviation and defence magazines.

He graduated in Political Science at the Milan State University, and earned a diploma in Public Relations at the ISFORP Institute, in Milan.

After a professional experience as Press Officer, since 1992 he has been working full time in the publishing sector. Up today, he published more than 800 articles on monthly and bi-monthly magazines. He is or was contributor to the Ed.A.I., E.M.I., DeAgostini, Hobby & Work and White Star publishing houses, and to the Italian Air Force General Staff for journalistic and editorial activities. His articles and books has been translated and published in ten languages.  

In 2003 he established the RN Publishing S.a.s., which produces the yearbook “Coccarde Tricolori” and “Forze di Terra”, the series of books “Coccarde Tricolori Speciale”, and other publications in the Defence sector, acting  also as Editor-in-Chief.  

From 1992 until 2004, he managed the Press Office at the Vergiate Flying Club. Within this activity, he managed the Press Office during international events, such as the FAI-sponsored XIII° Giro Aereo Internazionale d'Italia air rally, in 1994, and the three latest editions of the Vergiate Air Show (MAV) in 1994, 1995 and 1997. In 1998 was Press Officer at the Parma International Air Show, organised by the Aero Club Parma and Aero Club d’Italia on occasion of the Italian Air Force 75th Anniversary. In the period 1992-1995 he was Public Affairs consultant for the "L'Aeroplano" Aviation Museum, at Comignago (Novara).  

He earned a Private Pilot Licence and has flown light airplanes since 1982. Between the types also the aerobatic SIAI Marchetti / Aermacchi SF.260. In 1981, he also earned the Italian military parachutist wings, during his military service as Second Lieutenant in the “Folgore” Parachutist Brigade.

Flying Activity

As journalist and photographer he flew hundred hours on dozen of airplanes and helicopter types, from fighters to transports, for flight assessments and photo-reports. Between the various military models, the most relevant have been: Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter, McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing F-15B Eagle, Lockheed-Martin F-16D Falcon, McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing TAV-8B Harrier II, Panavia Tornado F. Mk.3, Dassault Mirage 2000-5,  AMX-T Ghibli, AleniaAermacchi M-346, Aermacchi MB.339A, CD and PAN, Mikoyan- Gurevic MiG-21UM, SAAB 105, McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing KC-10A, Boeing KC-135E, Boeing 707T/T, Lockheed-Martin C-130H and C/KC-130J Hercules, AgustaWestland EH-101, Agusta A.129 Mangusta, etc.



Journalistic contributions


Since 1982, Riccardo Niccoli published articles on the following magazines:
-Rivista Aeronautica     (Italy)                       (Italian Air Force official magazine)
-Aviazione Giovani        (Italy)                       (Italian Air Force official magazine)
-Volare                         (Italy)
- RID                            (Italy)
- JP-4                           (Italy)
- Panorama Difesa        (Italy)
- Aerei                          (Italy)
- Aermacchi World        (Italy)
- Air International                                 (UK)
- Air Forces Monthly                              (UK)
- Air Enthusiast                                    (UK)
- Airshow                                              (UK)
- Aircraft Illustrated                               (UK)
- Air Pictorial                                         (UK)
- International Air Power Review            (UK)
- Aviation News                                     (UK)
- Air Power International                       (UK)
- Combat Aircraft                                  (United States/UK)
- Flug Revue                                         (Germany)
- Fuerza Aerea                                      (Spain)
- Fuerza Naval                                      (Spain)
- Fuerza Terrestre                                 (Spain)
- Avion Revue                                       (Spain)
- Mais Alto                                           (Portugal)     (official Air Force magazine)
- Top Gun                                             (Denmark)
- Ptisi                                                    (Greece)
- Air Fan                                               (France)
- Aviation Design                                   (France)
- Jets                                                    (France)
- Air Action                                            (France)
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