It is not by chance that  one becomes an aviation photographer. It is the passion for flight and technology that leads many of us to try to capture in a picture the soul of an aircraft or the feeling of a specific action. That was also my case, in a process of development in which I always tried to improve and update my approach to the photo report, aiming to offer readers not only a nice series of photos, but also a collection of images which could transmit those fleeting impressions, those feelings that one can catch only by direct experience, and that for many are out of reach.


The success of an aviation photographer is due not only to his technical skill, but above all to his patience, to his spirit of self-sacrifice and endurance in the quest of a specific image, to his experience and, sometimes, to chance.


In a career of more than twenty years, I think that I have largely exceeded the total of 50,000 images taken in all different conditions: from the cold of the winter Alps overflow in an open helicopter, to the heat of the Nevada desert in summertime; from comfortable positions under the shade of trees, to narrow cockpits of combat aircraft flying aerobatic manoeuvres. In this short photo-survey I have tried to include for you some of my best and spectacular pictures, without forgetting that the most beautiful always to be taken.

                                                                                                            Riccardo Niccoli

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